Updated: 12/01/2007

ASP Folder Gallery

ASP image gallery designed for large folder-based image archives. Features include: * Classic ASP scripting, no 3rd party components * On-the-fly thumbnails using drawing object (thumbs are the only .NET component) * Fast folder browsing even on extremely large image trees * Dynamic folder recursion; add/delete images and the gallery immediately changes * Unique searching by folder name or file name * Designate text file to display captions * Reports file type, size, pixel dimensions and color depth for each image * Select browsing preference, either thumbnails or file name * View full size images in separate window * &"Slideshow&" previous/next buttons * Compatible with jpg, bmp, gif, and png * Download link provided for each image (using &"force download&" method) * Small footprint (under 75kb) * Easy installation, no database requirement * Requires Windows server with .NET