Updated: 05/01/2007

Search Engine traffic and ranking Optimiser

MivecSeo allows you to optimize and rank better for terms people are searching for to get to your website(s). MivecSEO allows you to harness the power of the Longtail effect. The longtail keywords are the search engine keywords that people search to find your website. Its a fact that 94% of search engine searches are Longtail. For example if you run a site selling ipods.You may only get 6% or less of your traffic from keywords such as &"buy ipod&" as they are very competitive and require alot of SEO work to attain rankings. But you may show up 5th for the keyword &"buy 4gb ipod nano&". These keywords will make up 94% or more of a typical websites search engine traffic. By using MivecSEO, if a user searched for a term such as &"buy 4gb ipod nano&", then immediately your entire website points a link to the page that is about &"buying ipods&" and is optimised for that searched keyword. Huge networks of highly keyword optimised pages are created that guarantee your search engine rankings.