Updated: 04/19/2007

Address Book Importer(ASP)

Address Book Importer or Contact Extractor is a web fetching script used to get the contacts from the address book in any e-mail account (of the supported domains). The script we provide supports GMAIL (all languages), HOTMAIL (both Classic and Live Mail), YAHOO, MSN, LYCOS, INDIATIMES, SIFY, ORKUT and MYSPACE. It all looks complicated but ABI really helps you in making your member base stronger and increasing the popularity of you website! For a detailed explanation on how Address Book Importer will you, visit our site... http://www.dinitsoftwares .com/ == Review from ABI Users == &"...we found the Dinit Softwares ABI and as it was already supporting all the major email providers along with the low cost...that too with free support and updates for two months!...this script is wonderful and helps us a lot!&" - Pihook Admin,