Updated: 02/14/2007

ASP Form Image Code Verification Script (using ASPJpeg)

What follows is a very simple asp code verification system using the excellent ASPJpeg component to create the imag. It is designed to prevent automatic submission of forms by automated baddies / spammers. A working example of this can be see on my contact page and the code with an example can be downloaded here. Personally I''ve started implementing this on all of my contact forms as I found that spammers were trying to manipulate the forms as a way of sending messages - they were unsuccessful but sometimes the recipients of the forms would recieve an inbox full of obscure messages. I''ve seen a few code verification scripts out there (using ASPJpeg or similar) but I found many of them to be poorly/inefficiently coded and without much in the way of options. The image verification script consists of three main blocks of code; the &"Options&", the five &"Functions&" and the actual script that creates the image.