Updated: 09/13/2006

Tjubang ASP Chat Script

Unique and flicker free chat system, written in Active Server Pages. Key features are: - Password protected admin features. - Smiley icons, can be turned on/off by chat user. - Private messages, can be turned on/off by chat user. - Auto login with cookies. - Change chat layout real time by chat user. - Ignore function controlled by chat user. - Multiple chat rooms (unlimited rooms). - Kick/ban function controlled by chat admins. - Invisible admin chat function. - Flicker free system for passing chat text and online list. - Clickable links and mail addresses. - Anti flood/spam system in the chat. - No &"yelling&" with uppercase letters. - Always shows usernames with first letters in uppercase. - Anti IP hiding through proxy servers. - Automatic log off of inactive users. Requires: Internet Explorer v4 or newer, MySQL database and a Windows based webserver with support for ASP.