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AnoChat v. 1.0

The idea is to 3DES encrypt all content of the chat with javascript, and then send it to the server, where it is stored in encrypted form. When another chat client refreshes the chat file, it will decrypt the lines in the chat with a shared code phra...

Client Side Script Debugging in ASP.NET

Tutorial explains how to use Client Side Debugger, to simplify the debugging process of javascript code in ASP.NET web application. Every one of us is well aware of problems posed when debugging client side script code. This article talks about...

The Hablator

The new, improved Hablator is an advanced chat script written in PHP and Javascript (no database). It offers all of the features you could want in a chat script, while maintaining low server requirements, low client requirements, exceptional speed, ...

Calculated Fields

Creating automatically calculated fields into HTML forms it s usually a hard coding job. This tool makes all the process easy, it allows to define the calculated fields from a visual interface without hand coding required. This tool has been packed a...


I have a client that has their own version of IE installed in their large user base (I think this is very typical of large corporations). While they have JavaScript running, they have removed the XMLHTTP object. So, how do you do AJAX without XMLHTTP?
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AJASON is a PHP 5 library and JavaScript client for the Web technology called AJAX. AJAX permits data to be fetched asynchronously without the need for reloading the Web page and thus allows the development of interactive GUI-like Web applications. J...

Using Ajax from Perl

You could spend a lot of time figuring out all the pieces of JavaScript on the client side and Perl on the server side in order to work out how to use Ajax in your code. Thankfully, there''s already a module on CPAN to take the pain out it: CGI:...

Passing JavaScript variables to PHP

JavaScript is mainly used as a client side scripting language, while PHP is a server side technology. Unlike Java or ASP.Net, PHP doesn''t have tools to make it work client side. That is why you need to combine JavaScript and PHP scripts to deve...

JavaScript Form Validation

Any interactive web site has form input. If you run a validation of the user''s form input before the form is submitted, there will be no wait time and redundant load on the server. &"Bad data&" are already filtered out when in...

JSmart JavaScript and CSS Compressor

JSmart is an open source PHP program that will increase your website download speed by reducing the size of JavaScript and CSS files typically up to 80% or even higher. It is done by removing comments and unnecessary whitespaces and then by compres...