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Pyxy gallery

Pyxy-gallery is a PHP script to make an image gallery. Intelligent JavaScript lets you browse your pictures without leaving the page - saving time and bandwidth, and reducing server load. AJAX skeptics can be reassured: Pyxy uses fragment identifiers...

EZ Realty

EZ Realty is a simple real estate component for Mambo/Joomla! CMS - and it''s all very configurable via the admin backend. Features include:- Category support Secondary categorization of properties by suburb, state, country, bedroom numbers...

Improved Unobtrusive Javascript Image Rollovers

Use this script to create image rollovers for your navigation without hard-coding any Javascript into the HTML on your web pages. This makes it easy to put your navigation into an include and make site-wide updates to your navigation in no time...

Encrypt HTML Pro

Encrypt HTML Pro is an application to encrypt HTML files and protect your web pages from unauthorized copy. It can prevent others from viewing and reusing your web page source code, including HTML source code, JavaScript, VBScript, external JavaScrip...

Fisherman''s Slide Show

Fisherman''s Slide Show is PHP script that resizes and displays your images with JPG, GIF or PNG extension from chosen directory. It is nice and simple way to create presentations or image gallery on your site. Other features are: your timing fo...

Dynamic PHP Picture Viewer

This script combines PHP with JavaScript to let you easily display all pictures within a directory without having to input their file names into the script! An external PHP file takes care of all the manual labour, by retrieving the list of images in...

Spider WebMaster Tools

Spider''s Wizards contains over 50 free JavaScript code generators and snippets laid out in a question and answer type format. Little knowledge of the JavaScript language is required. Generators include: Auto PopUnder, Auto PopUp, Banner Rotato...
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RSS News JavaScript Vertical Ticker

This version of JavaScript Ticker can show news from any RSS feed in a vertical scroller. Also, each news is presented as a link, so user can click to the source of the news. In this version you can customize: - RSS feed where the news are read ...


Plogger is the definitive open-source web photo gallery. Simple to integrate with your site, lightweight, and packed with useful features, Plogger leaves the other image galleries in the dust. Automatic thumbnail generation, custom built themes, cr...

Rampant Image Gallery

A quick image gallery script. This script generates thumbnails for you and used javascript to quickly load the full sized images. Please note that you will need the GD library and PHP 4+ in order for this script to work. Currently the script on...