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Image Error Finder

This JavaScript checks if all the images in the document exists. If a particular image does not exist, that image will be replaced by a custom image. Works with IE only. In IE, if a particular image does not show up, then its dimensions are 28 x 30 (...

Advanced Slide Show With Captions and Cross-Fade

Slide show with image captions and fader-effect image transitions. Easy, short, cross-browser cut-and-paste script presents images in a continuous slide show format with accompanying captions. Any number of images and captions can be used, and timing...


access2asp is a conversion tool for access databases that converts your db to clean, commented pro asp / code. It produces a ''front end'' and an ''admin'' section with ability to view,search,add, edit and delete. Also prod...

Zoom Search Engine - Add search to your site! (PHP)

Zoom Search Engine - Add search to your site! (PHP)The Zoom Search Engine enables web developers to easily add an industrial-strength custom search to their website. An easy-to-use application that requires no complicated server-side set-up procedures, it can also create search engines for intranets,...

Suzy''s Javascript Photo Album

This is a fully featured photo album script written in JavaScript. Features: Previous, next, *and* random buttons; a menu list to choose from all the photos; a search feature; a &"photo album page&" that automatically contains the d...

BrainCode jsView

Specifically designed for JavaScript Junkies, jsView is an image display applet that supports an unlimited number of images. Images are dynamically loaded into the applet via JavaScript calls, on demand, eliminating typically long start-up loading ti...

Java Floater

This is a JavaScript which will place a floating image in the bottom corner of a web browser. If you''ve visted sites on GeoCities lately you''ve probably seen the floating logo they have in the bottom corner, this script does the same kind...


This JavaScript lets you click on thumbnails to display full-size images on the same page. If the browser can manipulate document images, then it simply in-lines the large image. If it can''t, or if it doesn''t recognise JavaScript at all, ...

Button Overkill

This JavaScript takes the image substitution idea one step further to produce a toolbar in which the buttons change appearance in response to mouse movement or actions, and explanatory text appears in a little ''LCD-look'' panel. Upon click...

Kai Button

This is the standard JavaScript ''image rollover'' - an image that changes appearance as you move the mouse over it. The JavaScript works by loading several alternative images for each button. If the user moves the mouse in or out of the bu...