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JSmart JavaScript and CSS Compressor

JSmart is an open source PHP program that will increase your website download speed by reducing the size of JavaScript and CSS files typically up to 80% or even higher. It is done by removing comments and unnecessary whitespaces and then by compres...

Anti-Cache for Google, Yahoo, MSN,..

If you do not want that everybody can see your page like the search engine spider see it, looking thru the cache. You can disallow your pages to be in the search engines cache using meta. But in this case your page will not have a PageRank, and you...

Financial stock market quotes grabber && caching class

This class allows you to grab financial stock market quotes from Yahoo finance''s CSV file. This class doesn''t provide a graphical interface to display the values, but returns them as an array. The big advantage is that you may include sto...


Create RSS and other feeds with PHP. FeedCreator features an easy to use and well documented class interface and can create, save and cache RSS 2.0, 1.0 and 0.91 feeds, ATOM 0.3, OPML 1.0, HTML, JavaScript and mbox. Decide which version to create dur...


PHPev is a script to manage fotos from different events. It is written in PHP an uses a MySql Database to store the different information. To browse through the fotos in a gallery a javascript system is used, which is loading all the fotos into the c...