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Dacio s slideshow

Dacio s slideshow is simple javascript that slides images in time that is predefined. In configuration set number of all pictures for slide, set the flip time, how long is one picture shown, as 1s = 1000 ms. The main config is &"List of...


Plogger is the definitive open-source web photo gallery. Simple to integrate with your site, lightweight, and packed with useful features, Plogger leaves the other image galleries in the dust. Automatic thumbnail generation, custom built themes, cr...


GetWebPics is picture download manager. It will easily allow you to download pictures, digital photos, wallpapers and flash movies from Internet. Features: batch pictures downloading, web authorization support, javascript support, filters to reject...


This is version 1.6 of the popular javascript program that we use to display our pictures on WeekendClimber.Com. It''s easy to setup, it is a really small file so downloading is a snap and it is a completely DOM1 compliant slideshow script. Has ...

Kids Simple Chess Game: Tiger and Bull

This is a javascript program version of Kids Simple Chess Game for two players. This program can control to avoid any move of a chessman being not compliant or breaking the rules. It also comes with the help showing where a selected chessman can poss...

JavaScript Slideshow by BarelyFitz

Add an image slideshow to your HTML page or your eBay auction page. Easy to use and versatile, for each slide you can set a link, window target, window attributes, html annotation, and image transitions (fade in, dissolve, etc). Set it to auto-run, o...

4Slideshow DHTML Script Wizard

4Slideshow is an Image Slideshow DHTML JavaScript Wizard. Features: 7 different slideshow effects, cross browser easy-to-configure, feature limit shareware.

Banner and Link Slideshow

JavaScript to create a slideshow of your banner advertisements, including links. A series of banners/links can be displayed without having to reload the page.

DE JavaScript Slide Show

A cross-browser JavaScript image slideshow that is easy to configure and use. This script uses previous/next button to move forward and backward. Any number of images can be used. Good utility for newcomers and beginners.

Cross-Browser JavaScript SlideShow - Unlimited Images

Easy, short, cut-and-paste script that presents images in a continuous slideshow format. Any number of images can be used, and timing is adjustable. Great for JavaScript newcomers, but a solid utility script, too.